Mariot is a surname with uncertain origin and meaning, found more often in England, France and north of Italy, suggesting its roots are either in France, due to the pronunciation, or England, due to its etymology.
In the city centre of the Italian city of Longarone there is a square with a monument gifted by the Brazilian city of Urussanga, paying homage to the families that left the city to explore the new world. Mariot is one of the families found on the list displayed.
People having Mariot as a surname:

Yves Mariot (born 1948), French football player
Elisa Mariot (unknown date of birth), Dominican news presenter
John Mariot (unknown date of birth), Mayor of the town of Wallingford, Berkshire[1][2] (circa 1300) and member of the English house of Commons in 1306 – 1341

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