Mordred (comics)

Not to be confused with Modred the Mystic.


Publication information

Marvel Comics

First appearance
Black Knight #1 (May 1955)
first modern appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes #17 (Nov 1968)

Created by
Stan Lee and Joe Maneely

In-story information

Alter ego
Sir Mordred

Team affiliations

Notable aliases
Modred (not to be confused with Modred the Mystic), Mordred the Evil, Mordred of the Northern Isles

Mordred the Evil is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. He is based loosely on the Mordred of Arthurian legend.

Fictional character biography[edit]
Mordred is the traitorous, illegitimate son of King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot and his sister Morgause, born somewhere in the Orkney Isles of Britain. He was one of the Knights of Camelot in Britain of the 6th Century, A.D. Merlin warned Arthur that Mordred would be responsible for the end of Camelot, but before Arthur could put the baby to death, he was rescued and raised in anonymity. Mordred was an insurrectionist, and his many conspiracies against his father were foiled by his constant foe Sir Percy of Scandia (the original Black Knight) and others until finally Mordred’s forces defeated Arthur’s on Salisbury Plain.[volume & issue needed] Arthur and Mordred fatally wounded each other, and before dying, Mordred mortally wounded the Black Knight as well. Mordred was taken to Castle Scandia, where he died.[volume & issue needed]
In modern times, Mordred’s spirit has been allowed by the evil Celtic “nether gods” he serves to become active on Earth. His first opponent was fittingly the new Black Knight, Dane Whitman. He transformed former knife-thrower Paul Richarde into Le Sabre and sent him against the modern Black Knight, but was defeated.[1] Mordred took human form in 12th Century Europe, where he formed an alliance with Prince John against King Richard the Lion-Hearted. Mordred was opposed by the reincarnated Black Knight. Mordred encountered the Defenders, and was defeated by the time-traveling Prester John.[2]
Mordred’s spirit was drawn into the netherworld by Morgan le Fay, and they became lovers. He plotted with her to change the Earth into a realm of black magic. With Morgan, he sent the Dreadknight against the Black Knight, Doctor Strange, and Victoria Bentley.[3] With Morgan le Fay, he sent Balor of the Fomor against the Black Knight, Doctor Strange, and Valkyrie (Victoria Bentley).[4] With Morgan le Fay, he send th